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The Tipping Point: Scaling up Performance
Winter 2017   |   Western Exteriors

Building a new home? Consider a Passive House
29 December 2017   |   Efficiency Nova Scotia

Comment: High-performance buildings will save energy
28 December 2017   |   Times Colonist

How Canadians are constructing North America's biggest green buildings
11 December 2017   |   CBC News | Science and Technology

Social housing providers build Canada's greenest apartments
05 December 2017   |   CBC News - The National

New Non-Profit Housing Demonstrates High-value of ‘Passive House’ Efficiency
05 December 2017   |   The Energy Mix

Canadian charity is building social housing to Passive House standard
30 November 2017   |

Passive House Vancouver
28 November 2017   |   Metro Vancouver Close Up

Passive House Café and training course coming to Fort St. John this week
27 November 2017   |

Passive house expert to visit city
21 November 2017   |   Prince George Citizen

Imaginative solutions for an overheated housing market
19 November 2017   |   CBC Radio | The Sunday Edition

Calgary first Passive House takes insulation to the next level
09 November 2017   |   Calgary Metro

Evolv35 homes come with an extra: the 'lock-off suite'
09 November 2017   |   The Province

Passive House education coming to Northern B.C.
08 November 2017   |   Journal of Commerce News Service

Passive House education coming to Northern BC
08 November 2017   |   Indigenous Lands and Resources Today

Passive House Partnership Brings Building Education to Northeastern BC
08 November 2017   |   Business Examiner

Passive House education coming to Northern BC – Journal of Commerce
08 November 2017   |   Nation Talk

Opinion: Can Vancouver achieve 100-per-cent renewable energy?
05 November 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Toronto Will Reflect On Google's Quayside As City Building Done Right
31 October 2017   |   The Huff Post

World’s tallest passive towers set for Vancouver
25 October 2017   |   Construction Business magazine

Community Foundation brightens college campus daycare future The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan helps out college daycare with grant
25 October 2017   |   Summerland Review

Community Foundation brightens college campus daycare future The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan helps out college daycare with grant
25 October 2017   |   BC Local News

Sidewalk Labs to build the city of the future in Toronto
23 October 2017   |   TreeHugger

Coming to code: Energy regulations for existing buildings are changing. Are you ready?
24 October 2017   |   Building magazine

'Lock-off suites' infuse Evolv35 with flexibility
21 October 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Spotlight: Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs Announce Tech Focused Neighbourhood – a Transformative Moment for our City
19 October 2017   |   Habitat TO

The Technology Behind Sidewalk Toronto's Concept Images
18 October 2017   |

A passive house daycare
14 October 2017   |   Castanet

Penticton architecture company wins commercial building awards
11 October 2017   |   Penticton Herald

Strict Passive House regulations pose challenges for developers Canada’s first airtight highrise would need expensive, imported materials and represent a steep learning curve
11 October 2017   |   Western Investor

Innovation : Passive House Gains Ground in B.C.
10-16 October 2017   |   Construction in Vancouver

Penticton company wins twice at building awards
07 October 2017   |   Penticton Western News

Passive highrises planned for Vancouver's West End
02 October 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Brookfield takes a 'passive' approach to new home
29 September 2017   |   Calgary Herald

Fort St. John hosting passive house design and construction course
28 September 2017   |

Victoria’s Passive Houses
13 September 2017   |   The EcoReport

Passive House in a box: Brookfield pilot project in Calgary to educate trades on sustainable construction methods and standards
07 September 2017   |   The Globe and Mail

Ultra-low energy homes: New construction technologies driving significant changes in HVAC systems (pp 12-16)
September 2017   |   Plumbing & HVAC magazine

Passive approaches to low-energy affordable housing
21 August 2017   |   CPV Magazine

House Beautiful: Passive House a green dream come true
19 August 2017   |   Victoria Times Colonist

Passive House beats building code box in Ice Box Challenge
16 August 2017   |   TreeHugger

Passive House wins ice box challenge
15 August 2017   |   Canadian Consulting Engineer

City of Vancouver creates icy challenge to promote 'passive home' design
15 August 2017   |   CBC News British Columbia

Local builder provides Passive House concept
10 August 2017   |   The Minden Times

Opinion: Building better gives you many reasons to feel better
09 August 2017   |   The Province

Local Construction Leaders Go Passive
08 August 2017   |   Thriving Vancouver

Ice Box Challenge to test building performance
03 August 2017   |   Journal of Commerce News Service

Okanagan College Adding Child Care Centre to Penticton Campus
01 August 2017   |   Business Examiner

Ice Box Challenge highlights new Passive House standards
31 July 2017   |   Western Investor

Ice Box Challenge puts passive houses to the test
31 July 2017   |   Vancouver Courier

Ice Box Challenge puts passive houses to the test
31 July 2017   |   Westender

Vancouver launches Ice Box Challenge to show benefits of high-performance buildings
28 July 2017   |   Global Times

Ice Box Challenge kicks off in Vancouver, Canada
28 July 2017   |   Xinhuanet

Ice box challenges Passive House standard: Demonstration meant to show how new building standard performs
27 July 2017   |   Business in Vancouver

City of Vancouver unveils Ice Box Challenge
27 July 2017   |   Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver

Ice Box Challenge in Vancouver: Passive House demonstration
24 July 2017   |   Canadian Consulting Engineer

B.C. municipalities ready to step up for better homes and buildings
24 July 2017   |   The Province

Marketable, Beautiful, Efficient: Passive House Building Standards Growing in Canada
Summer 2017   |   Western Exteriors magazine

A pocket of Passivhaus projects popping up in Ontario cottage country
12 June 2017   |   TreeHugger

A pocket of Passivhaus projects popping up in Ontario cottage country
12 June 2017   |   MotherNature

Fort’s lone passive house seeking certification
08 June 2017   |   Fort Saskatchewan Record

Opinion: Canada's home and buildings key to unlocking clean growth
13 May 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Vancouver's Green Buildings Policy Is Good News
02 May 2017   |   Huff Post

Opinion: Vancouver's rezoning policy cuts carbon and costs
01 May 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Aspen Root Passive House: Highest energy hurdle met with superior envelope and quality materials
04 April 2017   |   SABMag blog

Wood WORKS! BC announces 2017 Wood Design Awards winners
16 March 2017   |

B.C. celebrates the best in wood innovation
07 March 2017   |   Construction Business

Wood Awards honour B.C. designers here and internationally
01 March 2017   |   Vancouver Sun

Passive House business approved
27 February 2017   |   Highlander News

6 fabulous prefab buildings from all over the world
23 February 2017   |   ACT

This Prefab Passive House Attracts Hospital Staff to Remote British Columbia
February 2017   |   gb&d magazine

BC First Nation Gets Active about Passive Housing: Partnership between Yale and modular building company sprouts affordable green homes.
07 January 2017   |   The Tyee

This Ottawa housing development shows affordable housing can be environmentally sustainable too
04 December 2016   |   CBC TV | Disrupting Design

Vancouver leads North America in certified ultra-efficient buildings, says new report
10 November 2016   |   CBC News British Columbia

Builders tour Canada’s largest ‘Passive House’ in Vancouver
09 November 2016   |   Metro Calgary

House Beautiful: It was love at first sight
05 November 2016   |   Victoria Times Colonist

Bella Bella multi-unit: Modular Passive House construction a pioneering effort
29 September 2016   |   SabMag blog

Deep Energy Efficiency: Passive House in the Affordable Housing Sector
26 September 2016   |   HSC

Bella Bella ‘Passive’ staff housing cited as carbon neutral success in government report
01 September 2016   |   VCH News

Passive House Retrofit: Five Years After
31 August 2016   |   Greening Homes

Five of B.C.’s greenest homes: Buyers, builders and designers are embracing new technologies and materials that make homes easier on Mother Nature – and the pocketbook
02 August 2016   |   Business in Vancouver

5 of B.C.'s greenest homes
01 August 2016   |   Business in Vancouver magazine

Fiona Famulak: Innovation deficit threatens construction industry
05 May 2016   |   The Province

The house that Britco built
27 April 2016   |   National Observer

A Tour of Vancouver’s First Certified Passive House
2 April 2016   |   City TV Vancouver

Passive House interest a growing Canadian trend
23 February 2016   |   Journal of Commerce News Service

House Beautiful: Passive House cuts heating, cooling energy by 90 per cent
27 February 2016   |   Victoria Times Colonist

Salus Passive House
02 March 2016   |   Ecology Ottawa

B.C. is home to a green building renaissance
04 December 2015   |   Vancouver Observer

Britco Builds Canada’s First Multi-Unit Modular Passive House for Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
11 November 2015   |   NationTalk

Passive House and modular construction were made for each other
19 October 2015   |   EcoEstate

Passive House and modular construction were made for each other
05 October 2015   |   TreeHugger

Cottonwood House: Passive House passes cold-climate test
01 October 2015   |   SABMag blog

Passive House on the Lake: A modern interpretation in prefab on a difficult site
01 October 2015   |   SABMag blog

The North Park Passive House: First PH MURB on Vancouver Island makes case for affordability
01 October 2015   |   SABMag blog

The Salus Clementine project: A learning experience in thermal bridging solutions
01 October 2015   |   SABMag blog

Passive House: No furnace, no problem
28 September 2015   |   Vancouver Sun

Construction Corner: Is the passive house standard viable?
11 August 2015   |   Journal of Commerce News Service

'Passive home' movement a success in Germany, but not in Saskatchewan where it started
05 August 2015   |   CBC News Saskatchewan

Comfort is key in a passive house
25 June 2015   |   Ottawa Citizen

Passive House (PH) concept introduced to Ottawa: Incredible energy and cost-savings attracts interest from architects, municipal officials
16 March 2015   |   Ottawa Construction News

Airtight eco-home project pitched for Victoria
07 July 2014   |   Victoria Times Colonist

We're changing the way we build: Two innovations in construction make it possible to heat a home using only the power you'd need to run a couple of hairdryers, proponents say
23 May 2013   |   Victoria Times Colonist