ONLINE: Understanding & Working with PHPP (120B) – 5 Sept 2023

Welcome to Understanding & Working with PHPP

Understanding and Working with PHPP will enable you to take on your first Passive House project. It provides step-by-step instruction for using the PHPP energy modelling software, which is essential for designing a Passive House building.

Day 1-2: Tuesday, September 5 & Thursday September 7, 2023 – 9am to 1pm (PDT) each day
Day 3-4:
Tuesday, September 12 & Thursday September 14, 2023 – 9am to 1pm (PDT) each day
Day 5-6: Tuesday, September 19 & Thursday September 21, 2023 – 9am to 1pm (PDT) each day


There are 6 sessions in total.

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The recordings will be posted below after each session has ended.