Passive House Canada Submits Concept and Report to TAF Advocating for a GTHA Zero Emissions Buildings Exchange

There is nothing more important than taking care of where we live, work and play.

Last year, Passive House Canada was funded by the Atmospheric Fund to consult with stakeholders across the GTHA and identify a proposed concept for a zero emissions buildings exchange. Passive House Canada found that there is a striking level of market readiness among stakeholders in the region and that the establishment of such an exchange could help catalyze market transformation.

Buildings represent the largest source of carbon emissions in the GTHA and are where residents spend the vast majority of their time. Offering better buildings, ones that are healthier, more sustainable, comfortable, and affordable, is central to regional goals and a shared commitment to build back better after the pandemic.

The role of a Zero Emissions Buildings exchange is to catalyze the transformation of the GTHA’s new and existing buildings by supporting governments, industry and the public in delivering efficient zero emissions buildings offering comfort, health and affordability

“The GTHA is ready for advances in building performance, something the outreach undertaken for this report makes clear.  While most of the work remains to be done, the policy framework is largely in place, key agencies understand the need to transform buildings and many industry groups recognize the opportunity better buildings offer. In that context, a zero emissions buildings exchange can be a highly effective catalyst bridging the gap between the policy and delivery of highly efficient, zero emissions buildings with low embodied carbon.  Given the fundamentals it has in place, the region has the potential to become a recognized leader across Canada and internationally.” says Rob Berhnardt, Policy and Projects Advisor for Passive House Canada.

The writing of the report and engagement process was undertaken by Passive House Canada staff members Rob Bernhardt and Anna Milner. This report outlines an opportunity. The foundations to support a new phase of market transformation are in place. With a commitment from regional governments and agencies, the GTHA can become a leader, setting the pace in delivering climate and people friendly buildings.

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