Construction Verifier Exam ONLINE – 2 June 2023

Date: Friday June 2nd from 8:30am to 11am PT

This exam is offered by Passive House Canada in cooperation with PHI. On successfully passing the Construction Verifier exam, you will receive the additional certificate “Construction Verifier” – if you have valid Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification.

Certified Construction Verifiers will be listed on our website, as well as the international database.

The exam is thorough and time-limited, and it is not recommended that you attempt the exam without first taking the Construction Verifier course offered by Passive House Canada.

Exam details

The exam is two hours in length. The Certified Construction Verifier exam will be conducted in an online format. This format is subject to change according to the Passive House Institute policies.

There will be a 30 minute trial exam meeting a few days before the exam date. Details will be emailed directly to registrants.

Information on examination regulations can be found on the PHI website. Briefly, the exam will include material on the learning targets reviewed in the course:

  • Commissioning of MVHR systems
  • Commissioning of heating and cooling systems
  • Commissioning of shading
  • Simplified Performance Monitoring
  • Navigating Passive House Certification
  • Benefits of certification
  • Energy Standards of PHI
  • Certification process
  • Quality assurance for stepwise retrofits
  • Documents to be submitted
  • Keys to a cost-efficient certification process


Recommended for

  • Anyone pursuing the Construction Verifier designation

Prerequisites / required knowledge and equipment

  • Valid Certified Passive House Designer or Consultant certification

Exam Fee

PHC Member- $675
Non- Member – $750

Cancelation and Refund Policy

Important: please read our refund policy, available in our Course and Exam FAQs page.