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Cold Climate Webinar Series #2: Valleyview Town Hall

A Vision for Sustainable Growth and Cornerstone for the Community

Valleyview Town Hall in Valleyview, Alberta, had a vision of becoming a leader in environmental responsibility. With a skilled design and construction team including Flechas Architecture and Scott Construction, this building is aiming to become the first Passive House certified commercial building in Alberta, and the first Passive House Plus commercial building in the world.

In this session, we will be chatting with Oscar Flechas, Flechas Architecture and Cliff Huber, Scott Builders  about the collaborative process involved with the design and construction of a Passive House building and the valuable lessons they learned.

In collaboration with Parks Canada, do not miss this session geared to better inform the design community, contractors, engineers, and tradespeople on how to meet design and building standards for new builds seeking to achieve Passive House certification.

Oscar Flechas is an Architect with a wide range of experience in various sectors and on different scale projects. He’s an early adopter of the Passive House standard, and his firm now strive to design buildings that meet or use the principles required by the standard in each of the projects. Passionate about low-energy and low carbon buildings for the future generations, Oscar is one of the few architects certified as Passive House Designer in Alberta and embraces most tools that encourage better building standards to help achieve greener buildings in Canada.


Cliff Huber has been in the construction industry for his entire working career. He has wide experience in all phases of a project and has managed many of the major projects the Edmonton Branch has undertaken. Cliff continues to advance his education and most recently joined the board of Passive House Alberta, committed to making healthy, comfortable and sustainable homes and work environments more affordable and accessible for all Albertans.