April Building Conversations – April 22, 2021

Join us for a special Earth Day presentation: Building a Future!

Featuring Arne Suraga, Architect, Diamond Schmitt Architects, who will be chatting with Chris about the future of building design, its impact on society as a whole and how to responsibly use and protect the natural environment through sustainable building practices.

Arne Suraga

Being fascinated by architecture and design from an early age, Arne pursued this passion through a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto. After joining Diamond Schmitt Architects in 2013 he has been engaged on numerous projects of truly varied scales: From temporary pavilions sheltering dozens through to multi-tower developments housing thousands, his attention to detail and design are central to them all. Developing designs hand-in-hand with sustainable objectives is a key element of his design ethos, and this belief in implementing real-world solutions drew him to become involved in the Passive House community.