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    Maxwell Bartell

    I want to tint the rear window of my car, but recently I have come across a low-quality film, which has low elasticity and can quickly begin to come off. Can you please advise me where to find good tinting film, or maybe you know where I can get my car tinted in Miami?


    Hello in this matter should go to the car service and seek advice from a master should advise.not correctly selected tinting will lead to accidents.Esltt several types of tinting To drive safely on the car, you have to comply with the law transmittance of toning, the front windows should be at least 70%.Then you choose which best is the budget option is a beautiful mirror.So only the car service should go you.

    Austin Richard

    Hello, what color do you plan to tint the rear window of your car? I understand you, it is quite discouraging to find such a poor quality service. Did you try to search for any good quality service on Google? you just have to look at the results on the first page to find good quality services of that type

    Rigoberto Muller

    It’s hard to say which film is of higher quality, it’s probably better to go straight to the car tinting service of the experts in this field https://cwdwrap.com/window-tint/. They will tint your car windows according to all the rules, it will look stylish and at the same time do not violate traffic rules, and the tinting itself will last you a long time.

    Loren Mclauren

    It will be super cool when you send your vehicle to paint the rear window, always remember to see the work of the company where you plan to do it, to see if their work has the quality that you are looking for and also remember to ask prices to see which company is the most convenient for you to hire their service, here reading the comments I saw that they just recommended a pretty good company, try to hire them

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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