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This course via video modules is provided in bite size chunks that are easy to understand. This course will take you through every step of the process.

We use a software called Mold simulator making every step of the process more easier than anything you have used.

Why should I worry about Thermal Bridge?

For all construction detailing absence of condensation and mold growth is essential. In highly insulated warm buildings, cold spots on interior surfaces will gather moisture just like steam hitting glass. The repeated occurrence of moisture accumulation can not only cause mold but also visual and structural damage.

Cold spots, lines or area’s are normally caused by highly conductive elements in building fabric such as steel or even sometimes wood or plastic.

Using specialist software’s we can simulate your construction details and analyse the building fabric to almost exacting details. We can then cut the models to see the temperatures in critical areas.

This helps us to determine whether or not there is a deficiency in the building fabric by design.

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