ONLINE: Window Modelling for High-Performance Buildings using Flixo Pro – 3 Oct 2023

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Window Modelling for High-Performance Buildings using Flixo Pro

In this 16 hour course, you will learn the process of modelling windows using Flixo Pro, following Passive House guidelines and protocols. This course will cover the basics of using Flixo Pro for modelling windows, as well as the creation of U-value, psi-spacer, and fRsi models with the goal of determining performance values suitable for use in PHPP and Passive House projects. We will also cover general theory of high performance window design, as well as the process for obtaining Passive House Institute component certification for windows.

The instructor for this course will be Cameron Laidlaw.

Cameron Laidlaw, Director, Technical Services

With a broad and deep background in Passive House design, Cameron brings a wealth of technical expertise to the Passive House Canada team. Cameron has extensive knowledge of the Passive House Standard and its application in the Canadian context, leveraged from his years of experience as a Passive House Institute-accredited Certifier. He has provided consultancy and certification for many first-of-its-kind Passive House projects across Canada and around the world. Cameron has also worked with numerous North American manufacturers to design and certify products for Passive House Component Certification.


Day 1 & 2: Tuesday October 3 & Thursday October 5, 2023 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT)
Day 3 & 4: Tuesday October 10 & Thursday October 12, 2023 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT)


There are 4 sessions in total.

Please note that this is a live-only course (no recordings are provided).

PHI: 20 Credit Points (based on live attendance)

Please click on Course Content below to access the Zoom link and course materials.