ONLINE: Introduction to Control Layers for Passive House Wall Assemblies (Building Enclosure Control Layers Session 1) – 10 Oct 2024

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If you are a designer or builder who wants to achieve a high-performing, durable Passive House building, you need to understand control layers. Control layers are materials and systems of materials that are specially designed, selected, and detailed to control water, vapour, and air. They are placed throughout the building, from the roof, walls, and floor to the below-grade enclosure assemblies, details, and interfaces. They consist of membranes and other materials typically described as air barriers, vapour barriers, and water-resistive barriers, or collectively as critical barriers.

Building Enclosure Control Layers –  Session 1 of 4 Part Series

Session 1 will introduce the concept of building enclosure control layers and provide examples from passive house buildings of air barrier systems, vapour retarders/barriers, and wall/roof water management. The session will also cover placement of vapour control with different types and varying thicknesses of insulation and water control for walls, including rainscreens and water-resistive barrier materials.

The instructor for this course will be Graham Finch.

Date: Thursday Oct 10, 2024 – 10am to 12pm (PDT)

This two-hour session will include 90 minutes of live web-based instruction and demonstrations plus a 30-minute Q&A.

PHI: 2 Credit points (based on attendance of live event)

Please click on Course Content below to access the Zoom link, course materials and recordings.