The Passive House Institute tests and certifies products for use in high performance buildings. Products that hold the Passive House Component certification have been tested for quality assurance and reliability with regards to energy performance, comfort, and indoor air quality criteria. While use of certified products is not required for building certification, certified components have their performance data readily available for designers to do energy modeling with PHPP. Certified components also have increased market visibility and product recognition through being included in the PHI database, integrated into PHPP, and manufacturers have authorized use of the Certified Passive House Component seal. Passive House Canada facilitates the component certification process with PHI and calculates thermal bridge models for manufacturers. Please contact us for assistance.

Criteria for Passive House Component certification

Passive House Institute Component Flyer

For more information on specific certification criteria for building components, see the tabs below.

Fenestration (Transparent Building Envelope)

Building Assemblies (Opaque Building Envelope)

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (Building Services)