CEO Letter – May

One of the most important ways Passive House Canada (PHC) demonstrates its value to the high-performance building community here in Canada is through our annual conference. This show-case event is an opportunity for attendees to learn during deep technical dives into passive house projects, understand our advocacy and be challenged by great speakers. This year, we convene under the inspiring theme “By Design!: Transform the Built Environment,” scheduled from June 17-19, 2024, at the University of Victoria. Our focus expands from high-performance buildings into the stories and crises that shape today’s world, such as climate mitigation, resilience, reconciliation, and affordability, all while pushing forward into the discipline of regenerative design. This convergence of concepts isn’t just pie in the sky—it’s the nuts and bolts of crafting tomorrow’s communities, pushing the limits of what’s possible in high-performance construction and planning. I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work to turn these innovative ideas into safe and healthy buildings and communities for people who dream and aspire for a better future! 

Evolution of Passive House Canada 

The evolution of Passive House Canada mirrors the expansion of our conference themes. Our educational and advocacy efforts now transcend the traditional operation energy framework, influencing government regulations and a broader spectrum of high-performance buildings across the country. Our role as a key resource and a standard-bearer for governmental and business commitments to high-performance building practices is increasingly recognized. Through our persistent efforts, we continue to champion the integration of climate change mitigation, adaptation strategies, embodied carbon reduction, and the principles of circularity in building processes. Our goal is to support both business and governmental sectors in developing structures that are not only high-performing but also accessible and economically feasible. 

Pushing the Frontiers of Design 

It is with great excitement that we look to nudge our organization and our Passive House community forward by having Bill Reed from the Regenesis Group as our keynote speaker at this year’s conference. Bill, a pioneering force in the field of sustainable architecture and a co-developer of LEED, now leads the charge toward regenerative development—a philosophy that seeks to harmonize human activities with the natural evolution of our planet. His keynote speech and three-hour workshop at our conference will delve into these complex interrelations, offering a profound exploration of how regenerative practices can fundamentally alter our approach to design and construction. This session is poised to be a transformative experience, providing attendees with the insights and tools needed to think and act beyond traditional sustainability paradigms. 

This year’s conference promises a golden opportunity for some real hands-on learning with innovative ideas and practical solutions in the Passive House world and beyond. We’re excited to share this immersive experience of Passive House living with you, whether you join us in person at the University of Victoria’s top-notch Passive House facilities or tune in from the comfort of your own home. At our conference, we will explore a future where our built environment does more than just stand—it grows and gives back, cultivating a life in harmony with the natural world! See you next month!