It’s no secret that Passive House is considered to be the most rigorous voluntary energy-based standard in the design and construction industry today.

Want to listen to industry experts discuss how they have successfully designed and built Passive House buildings? Now you can.

Join our free, Building Conversations webinars series hosted weekly by our CEO, Chris Ballard. Each week, Chris will interview experts from the Passive House community as they share their stories of what they have learned from their experiences. We will then open the discussion for you to ask Chris and his guest any questions related to the topic.

Next Webinar: Interview with Peter Moonen, National Sustainability Manager, Canadian Wood Council

Wednesday June 3, 2020 @ 12pm EST and 9am PST
Webinar length: 45 min

This Week: Interview with Peter Moonen, National Sustainability Manager, Canadian Wood Council

Peter works to assist designers and builders in understanding how to use wood to enhance environmental performance and reduce the ecological footprint of buildings.  He regularly presents on achieving greater sustainability to various local, Canadian and international groups. He is also a Canadian representative at the U.N. Timber Committee and reviewer specializing in wood and the green economy for the Forest Products Annual Market Review published by the United Nations Timber and Forestry section with special emphasis on the role of wood in the green economy, including green design. In addition to a degree in Marine Biology and Zoology, he studied forestry at UBC and Journalism and Public Affairs in Alberta.

Peter will share with us his take on the aligned objectives between Passive House and wood construction. It’s more than just performance, it’s an enriched way of living in buildings! Peter will share his thoughts on the development of affordable mass timber, explain how Passive House supports the social, economic and environmental aspects of affordable housing projects, and how prefabrication will be the way of the future.

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