BC Government endorses ‎Passive House and training with Passive House Canada in Climate Leadership Plan

Friday, August 19, 2016 marked a huge success for everyone who has been working hard to promote high performance buildings in Canada. The Government of BC announced its Climate Leadership Plan, highlighting Passive House design and construction as key tool to achieving energy targets in the built environment.

Policies are being implemented to encourage development of net zero buildings, including: increased energy requirements in the BC Building Code, the development of Stretch Codes, and creating innovation opportunities and financial incentives for advanced, energy efficient buildings.

Read the full plan here > (p.37 onwards for the Build Environment)

We look forward to working with BC to improve building codes and to create better buildings for British Columbians, and are confident it won’t be long ’til other provinces take similar action.

BC residents can take our Passive House Design and Construction courses in BC at a reduced price, thanks to generous funding from the Government of BC.